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MSV Brno 2019 Invitation

At his year´s International Engineering Fair in Brno (MSV Brno) we are presenting exhibits from two divisions. The MANHURIN K´MX presents our most productive Swiss-type Lathes, the ten-axis K'MX SWING and the eight-axis K'MX 816 CLEVER. Both machining centres can machine round bars with the simultaneous use of up to 4 tools. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for manufacturing complex parts in large series, where the machining centres do not require to be frequently re-adjusted and can fully utilise their high productivity. They are highly suitable for automotive industry that is producing scores of rotating parts manufactured in large quantities with small mark ups or for defense industry. Furthermore with the s International Engineering Fair in mind this K‘MX 816 machining centre is equipped with an adapter for specialised unit for long thread whirling. This setup can be especially interesting for the medical field.

The CNC division presents the Vertical Machining Centre MCFV 1060 with an automatic pallet changer, robot and the Průmysl 4.0 (Industry 4.0) application that can be considered a novelty. The machine is especially suitable for mass production. As the second machine, we are introducing the high-precision Gantry-type Machining Centre MCV 1220 with a 2-axis NC-milling head. Both centres can be used in every industry working metal and other materials for example graphite or plastics.

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