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Multispindle automatic lathe MORI-SAY TMZ842CNC

This eight-spindle automatic lathe is designed for mass and series production of turned parts up to diameter 42 mm. The starting material for the machining is a bar stock, forgings or stampings.

The main products which are produced on these machines are mostly spin components for the automotive industry. In addition, the machine produces components for the production of bearings, fittings, valves, components for the aircraft industry, etc.

  • No. of spindles: 8
  • Max. diameter of bar: 48 mm
  • Max. length of feeding: 180 mm
  • Spindle speed: max 4500 rpm


Technical parameters MORI-SAY TMZ842CNC
number of spindles 8
max. diameter of bar 42 mm
max. length of feeding 180 mm
max. revolutions of spindles 4 500 min-1
max. output of spindle motor 11 kW
max. total output of motors of spindle 88 kW
nominal torque of spindle 66 Nm
time of turn of drum by 1 position 1 s
max. number of longitudinal saddles 8
max. number of cross saddles 7
number of slicing saddles 1

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