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GALA EVENING celebrating the 15th anniversary of TAJMAC-ZPS company establishing

Galavečer TAJMAC-ZPS 2015 (5261)

On 6th July 2015, the Gala evening celebrating the 15th anniversary of the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. company establishing was held in the Congress centre, Zlín. A festive yet slightly relaxed atmosphere pervaded the whole evening which was opened by a concert of the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra under the conduction of conductor Mr. Walter Atanassi.

Customer Days 2015 – 15 years of the TAJMAC-ZPS company

 Zákaznické dny 2015 (IMG_0199)

The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days were held on 23 and 24 April 2015 and were devoted to the 15th anniversary of the company's establishment. Preparations proceeded on all levels, we made every effort to finish as much as possible of the long-term planned investments being in progress before the Customer Days beginning. Apart from other things, new parking spots were created at the hall II. The most visible and largest change occurred in the hall III in which the Automaty division assembly areas went through a complete reconstruction.

Change of address data of company TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s.

Dear Sirs,
we would like to inform you that there has been a modification of our used postal code 764 87, which was allocated to our company by Czech mail and were newly written code 763 02. At the same time the city council decided of change street address: třída 3. května states with a small "t".
Please change the previous address to the valid address:

třída 3. května 1180
763 02 Zlín, Malenovice

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