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TAJMAC-ZPS 2012 Open House

This year’s TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. Open House was held on 26th and 27th of April. and was characterized, among other things, by the highest number of co-exhibitors ever - 58 companies with more than 110 representatives. Visitors had a great opportunity to see most of the machines being demonstrated and assembled from the company production programme representing wide range of machine tools. The TAJMAC-ZPS divisions that have been represented are the machining centres group, multispindle automatic lathes group and the MANURHIN project producing sliding headstock automatics has introduced their exhibits and product offerings as every year. Also traditional visitations and tours of the factory and the foundry plant of ZPS - SLEVARNA were highly appreciated.
With more than 550 visitors, the attendance was exceptionally high this year. The inspiration of the event is so well acknowledged that the Open House gets more and more attractive for a wider range of visitors, customers, partners and suppliers that range from existing as well as potential future customers. This informal meeting of experts with professionals from the public sector brings worthwhile exchange of practical experience together with the perfect chance to present the product range and latest innovations in full operation of the TAJMAC-ZPS factory once every year. The presentation focused especially on new technological innovations and possibilities, design and application and the high quality of our machines.

Zákaznické dny 2012 - 0720
Zákaznické dny 2012 - 9483
Zákaznické dny 2012 - 9486
Zákaznické dny 2012 - 9490

One of the most interesting exhibits was a prototype of the multifunctional machining centre TURNMILL 2000 with a unique table drive. The table is driven by torque motors combined with highly rigid transmission. This innovation allows using high power for heavy turning operations with high dynamic in C-axis mode that significantly increases the machine productivity.
Another innovation is the 5 axes gantry machining centre MCV 1210 with the option availability of turning technology was also introduced. Speed of the tilt rotary table C-axis of the vertical machining centre MCV 1210 rose up to 400 min-1 and together with the used electrospindle Kessler HSK 100 with mechanical reinforcement makes now the turning operations on a milling centre possible. The machine is equipped with the CNC system Siemens S840D allowing high level control of the both milling and turning operations including transformation of a tool orientation by rotary axes.
The visitors could also see a demonstration of a high speed tool manipulator prototype intended for innovative series of the horizontal machining centres H 500, H 630, H 800 and H 1000.

Zákaznické dny 2012 - 0745
Zákaznické dny 2012 - 0754
Zákaznické dny 2012 - 0756
Zákaznické dny 2012 - 0768

For recreation at the Open House, we have prepared an accompanying programme with the PSG Zlin ice hockey team. The visitors could meet the players who fought in this year’s play-off of the Czech highest ice hockey competition and get their autographs. The visitors who participated at the Open House a small hockey competition was arranged called the „Accurate Shot on Goal“ and those who scored won hockey jerseys.
Judging by immediate overwhelming reaction and positive evaluation of the visitors and of the co-exhibitors, we can say with satisfaction and gratitude to all that participated in this event that this year’s Open House at TAJMAC-ZPS was an extremely successful event.