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New milling and turning upper gantry type centre MCG 1000 5XT

It has been 15 years this year since the development of the first multifunctional machining centre in the Czech Republic began in our company. The successor of a whole range of these machines is this year's novelty, the multifunctional milling and turning centre MCG 1000 5XT.

The representative of the new series of the MCG multifunctional machining centres is the milling and turning machining centre of upper gantry type, enabling complex machining. The machine finds its use when machining spatially complicated and technologically demanding workpieces and when machining combined shapes both at five-axis milling and full-featured turning operations, providing the user an above-standard power output, accuracy and surface quality.

As the constructional structure of these multifunctional centres is kinematically complicated, the key parameter is their accuracy. From that reason, the prediction of the machine working accuracy has been carried out by means of mathematical models enabling virtual verification of the machine characteristic.

During development of the machine we have utilised the knowledge and experience acquired within various research tasks, namely the “New methods and procedures when applying mechatronics method in development and construction of machine-tools“, “Compensation of dynamic effects of machining tools“ and the “Predictive system of thermal regulation for machine tools“. We were able to compile a mechatronic model of the machine which enabled virtual verification of the machine characteristic during its operation. The model allowed optimization of the drives and the machine frame to achieve maximal dynamics of the machine movements and its rigidity. Furthermore, the model was complemented by thermal behaviour in real time, thus enabling effective compensations of the machine thermal dilatations. It is a solution applied only by few of the absolute world top-leading machine tool producers.

The machine finds its use in branches such as pressing, plastic-making, automotive, aviation, transporting and power industry. It is also suitable for standard machining. It allows to machine a workpiece from five sides while utilizing technological operations such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming, thread cutting and full-featured turning. The machine is ready for fully automated production units or lines.

On this year's MSV BRNO, the MCG 1000 5XT machine has been awarded with the Gold medal for production machine innovation. And what did the professional public found as the most interesting?

It was the courage to exhibit a machine without covers, thus showing a clean and symmetrically balanced design of the machine frame. It was both our own design of the rotary-tilting table with axes driven by means of ring motors and its parameters – specially 1200 rpm of the turning axis. And last but not least, it was a detail such as the linear measuring system mounting with regards to the thermal behaviour of the machine frame.

studie MCG 1000 5XT - název


TRAVELS   WORK TABLE – bi-axial rotary type
X-axis – cross rail mm 1 200   Spindle nose to table mm 50 – 750
Y-axis – cross slide mm 1 000   Work table to floor mm 1 030
Z-axis – sliding head mm 700   Table maximal load (W/O tilting) kg 1 300
FEEDS in X, Y, Z axes   B-AXIS
Working feeds m.min-1 0 – 60   Table tilting range º +30 / -120
Rapid traverse m.min-1 60   Maximal tilting speed rpm 50
Axis maximal acceleration m.s-2 6   S1 torque/maximal Nm 2x2139/2x3413
    Torque at locking Nm 2 x 10 000
Number of tools in changer pcs 35   Table clamping area mm ø 800 / 1 000
Tool change time (tool-to-tool) s 2   Range of rotation º 360
Tool maximal diameter mm 120   Maximal rotation speed rpm 1 200
Tool maximal length mm 380   S1 torque/maximal Nm 1 580 / 2 280
Tool maximal weight kg 15   Torque at locking Nm 10 000