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The most powerful sliding headstock on the market

K'MX 732 EVO This year TAJMAC-ZPS is introducing their newest machine – MANURHIN K’MX 732 EVO at the machine tool shows EMO Hannover and MSV Brno

This machine will grab your attention with its design – Seven linear axes and two rotary axes (both on the main spindle and the sub-spindle). The machine is equipped with Fanuc 31i control system and Fanuc drives and motors. It is designed for efficient bar parts machining with a diameter up to 32 mm and 4 tools active at a time.

High performance of the main spindle engine (15/25 kW) enables high productivity during simultaneous machining with two tools in extreme cutting conditions, while at the same time solving the issue of not being able to cut with a diameter 20 mm or more on one chip. With the correct choice of tools (sufficient length for a deep cut), MANURHIN K’MX 732 EVO is able to maintain very high surface quality. To avoid material movement during extreme cutting conditions, the clamping system was completely redesigned. When compared to standard CNC sliding headstock machines on the market, the huge clamping cylinder gives MANURHIN K’MX 732 EVO a big advantage. Due to increased demands on the rigidity of the whole system, stronger linear guides are employed in the main spindle area. In order to avoid vibration during extreme cutting conditions, unlike commonly used ball type linier ways on machine tools, MAHURHIN K'MX 732 EVO uses roller bearing linier ways that transmit the load over a larger contact cross section. Ball type linier ways have a point contact bearing systems that is not as robust.

Tool racks can be equipped with up to three gearboxes for rotary tools (two for radial operations and one for axial operations). The transmission between the motor and the tools is performed by a train of gears for both radial and axial rotary tools, enabling for high torque and unusualy powerfull milling.

Two independent tool supports on the main spindle allows you to not only turning two tools at the same time, but also the simultaneous milling parallel surfaces, thus again significantly shortens the time needed for machining components.

Ing. Tomáš Dederle, Director of MANURHIN Division