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A brand-new automatic lathe MORI-SAY TMZ PENTA

On this year's significant engineering fairs, the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. company will introduce a new five-spindle fully numerically controlled automatic lathe of the MORI-SAY TMZ518CNC and MORI-SAY TM518CNC series with a common designation PENTA. The machine of a brand-new design will have its world premiere on the IMTS fair in Chicago and its introduction to European market will take place on the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart.


This machine expands the multi-spindle automatic machines of TMZ series by a size enabling effective machining of bar-type workpieces having diameter up to 18 mm and will complement the range of presently manufactured CNC controlled automatic machines, thus allowing the customers to choose a machine according to their precise requirements and needs. The machine is intended for batch and mass production. A total of 31 numerically controlled axes, 5 spindles with speed up to 8.000 rpm, 0.4 s spindle drum indexing time by 1 position and the Fanuc 30i-B control system. A base, offering a precondition of usage and break-through on the world markets.

The machine is available in two standard configurations: MORI-SAY TM518CNC with synchronous speed of all spindles, and MORI-SAY TMZ518CNC with independent speed and control of each spindle.

In the workzone there are the cross slides (X, Z axes) in working positions 1 and 3. In positions 2 and 4 there are the triaxial slides installed (X, Y, Z axes), enabling usage of up to three tools in the Y-axis. The triaxial tool slide is also in the position 5 and serves for machining of the workpiece from the rear face. The Pick-up can be of standard version or a version with a screw tap (Bent Shank Tapping). The maximal speed of the Pick-up spindle as well as of the counterspindles in positions 2 and 4 is up to 8.000 rpm. The longitudinal slides are in positions 1, 2, 3 and 4. All slides are fitted with tool holders having the VDI interface. The slides also enable attachment of special accessories. The basic configuration of the machine features bar end removal and workpieces removal from the Pick-up spindle. The bar remains and workpieces are conveyed outside the machine by means of a separated belt conveyor, located inside the machine.

TMZ PENTA - pracovní prostor

The concept of the machine featuring a base carrying two boxes tied by the cross rail ensures high rigidity of the machine. In its standard configuration, the machine is equipped with the Cucchi BLT automatic bar loader for bars with length of 3 or 4 meters, chip removal system, cutting oil filtering, cutting oil cooling, cooling circuit and tools high-pressure cooling. The cooling of each slides enables the states OFF/ON/high-pressure cooling ON. On the triaxial slide, the coolant (cutting oil) is only supplied into a tool which is currently in operation.

The machine has been designed with regards to its transport in a standard ship container. It is of a brand-new layout where the machine and the automatic loader are two independent devices which, after assembled, create one compact whole, thus reducing demands on the surrounding area and facilitate the installation at the user's site. The installation consists of interconnection of the machine and the loader with accessories and mounting to pins which were set and prepared during machine assembly. Complicated levelling of the loader and chip removal system installations as well as of other equipment is no longer required.
Demands on the overall compactness of the machine are also met by placing the electrical components and the control system into the machine air-conditioned base.
Quick, high-performance, fully numerically controlled machine for low-cost production of accurate parts in the field of automotive, hydraulic and pneumatic components – this is PENTA!