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TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days 2022

The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days, which took place this year on 28 and 29 April 2022, clearly maintained the interest of the professional public even after the forced pause in 2020 and 2021 thanks to their scope and attractiveness. Over 80 co-exhibitors presented their exhibitions in our company. A day before the event, the number of electronically registered guests stopped at 888 and in reality, it reached 900. This number was further expanded by the daily presence of around 170 co-exhibitors from 80 companies. Four companies presented themselves in the accompanying programme.

Visitors once again took advantage of the meeting with experts and managers to exchange valuable knowledge from practice and TAJMAC-ZPS introduced visitors to the updated production program and the latest innovations. It was evident from the participants how much they had missed this event during the pandemic. The importance of personal meetings, which strengthen work and personal relationships and increase awareness of our products and brand, has been confirmed.

Our co-exhibitors also had interesting expositions, especially thanks to them the Customer Days have the character of a trade fair. Visitors plentifully used the opportunity to attend the popular guided tour through the company's manufacturing premises as well as an excursion through the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA (foundry) plant. The interest was so great that the number of tours and excursions had to be increased.

In the production hall, visitors were attracted by the Production Cell 4.0 FAMC 1260i automated robotic workstation, designed for repetitive piece and small batch production. The key element of the cell is the innovated MCV1260i vertical centre with automatic pallet changer and energy supply to the pallet. The workstation is equipped with a number of control elements that enable its long-term unattended operation. This unique system is based on the Industry 4.0 concept and combines the advantages of automation with the needs of small batch production, including the ability to change production assignments several times a day. By this, the workstation enables a flexible response to production needs and just-in-time delivery of manufactured components.

Our divisions ZPS, MORI-SAY and MANURHIN K'MX traditionally presented their exhibits. Visitors had the opportunity to get detailly acquainted with the new design of the machines, to see examples of the latest technological setups presenting innovations or innovative possibilities expanding the use of our machines and to get detailed information on the technical specifications. All this in real production process.

The ZPS division presented, among other things, the innovation of the ZPS MCG1000i 5-axis multifunctional machining centre of the upper gantry type, supplemented by automatic pallet exchange, including a demonstration of three-axis turning and gear production using the powerskiving method. The technological possibilities of HFC, HPC milling, supplemented by highly productive milling with monolithic milling cutters with large Ap, were presented on the vertical machining centres. Thanks to the cooperation with the Stirtec company, it was possible to see a demonstration of the FSW - friction stir welding - on the V-FSWC 1060 machine. Furthermore, the technological possibilities of the TM1250 machine with automatic head exchange were showcased. The ZPS MCG 3022i portal machining centre was also introduced in an innovated form, designed especially for the processing of large and spatially complex parts.

The MANURHIN K'MX division presented five setup exhibits, which represented the range of the MANURHIN K’MX production line, as well as other exhibits from its production programme. Visitors were able to see the modern assembly premises and also see a study of the new MANURHIN KMX 832 machine.

The MORI-SAY division presented 9 machines on the assembly area in both basic concepts - cam-controlled machines and numerically controlled machines, both six and eight-spindle. One of the exhibits was the new, fully CNC controlled 6-spindle automatic lathe MORI-SAY TM620CNC. On the semi-assembled machines, visitors could see the basic mechanical wholes of the machines.

 The accompanying programme with the popular competition, to which the prizes were donated by TAJMAC-ZPS and 8 co-exhibiting companies, was provided by: BUGGYRA Power Sports with the TATRA PHOENIX racing special with the participation of six-time winners Josef Macháček and Tomáš Šikola; FLYWAY, a flight school with an interesting demonstration of two gyroplanes, the MTO sports model and the luxury Cavalon model with Gyromotion drive; Samohýl Motor with the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class model and the Mercedes-SLR McLaren 722 Edition sports model; KUBERG, a manufacturer of attractive electric motors, has introduced its products for ages from 2.5 years to adults. The attractive accompanying programme greatly contributed to the very successful course of this year's Customer Days.

Thank you for all the complimentary reviews of the event by both visitors and co-exhibitors. We are pleased with the growing interest and we want our Customer Days to maintain the credit of informal meeting of people associated with engineering in the future.
Our thanks go to all the guests, visitors and exhibitors who came along and to all the staff from the ranks of TAJMAC-ZPS who took part in this event. Furthermore, it is necessary to thank the Compass company which traditionally contributed to the overall pleasant atmosphere of the 2022 Customer Days by providing a delicious banquet and a great barista.

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