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TAJMAC-ZPS a.s has established a joint venture for machine tools production in India


In the last years, the infrastructure, energetics and industry foundations in India have grown at a rocket pace. India is a worldwide respected power in internet technologies. Indian companies are becoming owners of significant world companies, India has a space satellite program and India has a Formula One team. India has a qualified manpower and a large industrial market.

The TAJMAC-ZPS a.s. Zlín company has been, in its contemporary history, active in India for more than ten years and during this time it has already delivered several dozen CNC machine tools to Indian private or state companies. Due to our limited manufacturing capacity we are not able to fully respond to the increasing demands of the rapidly expanding Indian market (1.3 billion inhabitants). This is why our company decided to establish our own enterprise in India and, after more than two years of effort, we have found a suitable partner, sufficiently experienced, technically competent and with an existing trade network with who we have established joint venture for production of the MANURHIN CNC automatic lathes. The enterprise name is the GALAXY MACHINERY PVT. LTD. with the main office in Bangalore and a manufacturing plant in Belgaum. After preparatory negotiations the Memorandum of Intent has been signed on 7th July 2016 by Mr. Michele Taiariol (TAJMAC-ZPS) and Mr. Subramanian Elango (GALAXY MACHINERY) in Belgaum, India.

MSV 2016 Gold medal for the MCG 1000 5XT multifunctional gantry-type machining centre

MSV Brno 2016 - Zlatá medaile pro MCG 1000 5XT

On this year´s 58th International Engineering Fair in Brno, the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. has been awarded with one of the six gold medals for the best exhibited item. The medal was awarded by the contest´s promoters, the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and Brno University of Technology (BUT) during the Fair gala opening on Monday (3rd October 2016). The medal was won by the MCG 1000 5XT multifunctional gantry-type machining centre in the “Gold Medal for production machine innovation“ category.

New milling and turning upper gantry type centre MCG 1000 5XT

It has been 15 years this year since the development of the first multifunctional machining centre in the Czech Republic began in our company. The successor of a whole range of these machines is this year's novelty, the multifunctional milling and turning centre MCG 1000 5XT.

TAJMAC-ZPS Zlín introduces a new model of the MANURHIN sliding headstock automatic lathe K'MX 916

On the last year's International Engineering Fair in Brno, the TAJMAC-ZPS Zlín company has introduced its new sliding headstock automatic lathe K´MX 816 CLEVER, awarded with the MSV Brno 2015 gold medal. The machine featured eight linearly controlled axes plus two rotary C-axes on both spindles. This year on MSV Brno 2016 the company will.

A brand-new automatic lathe MORI-SAY TMZ PENTA

On this year's significant engineering fairs, the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. company will introduce a new five-spindle fully numerically controlled automatic lathe of the MORI-SAY TMZ518CNC and MORI-SAY TM518CNC series with a common designation PENTA. The machine of a brand-new design will have its world premiere on the IMTS fair in Chicago and its introduction to European market will take place on the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart.

The TAJMAC-ZPS Open Day was held on Saturday, 18th June 2016

On Saturday 18th June 2016, the TAJMAC-ZPS Open day was held on the premises of our company in Zlín – Malenovice. This year, this popular event attracted a record number of 2.500 visitors.

DOD 2016 (0752)
DOD 2016 (9718)
DOD 2016 (0856)
DOD 2016 (0862)

TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days 2016

ZD2016 (img_0471)

The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days, held on 21 and 22 April, broke all previous records. The amount of invitation return cards in the last days before the Customer Days anticipated extraordinary interest. Even the supplier's companies interest was increased this year. Almost 70 companies, which in reality meant up to 150 representatives, had the opportunity to present their products or services.

The visitors had the opportunity to attend a commentated tour, visit the company's manufacturing premises as well as tour through the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA (foundry) plant with a guide. Most of the machines, presented in our production programme, were available for seeing.

Mr. Michele Taiariol chosen as the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 in Zlín Region

EY2015 (img_0124)

Mr. Michele Taiariol, general manager of TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s., placed first in the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 in Zlín Region, a competition under the patronage of Stanislav Mišák, Regional Council President of the Zlín Region. He accepted the award from the hands of last year’s winner, the owner of the GEMINI Eye Clinic MUDr. Pavel Stodůlka, on February the 2nd during the official announcement ceremony in the Zlín Region Regional Office. Under the leadership of Michele Taiariol, TAJMAC-ZPS maintains the status of one of the most important engineering companies in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe, and successfully carries on the long-time tradition of engineering in the city of Zlín.

„First of all I would like to thank my family, which has a strong tradition in business. Together with my brother we are already the third generation of entrepreneurs in the Taiariol family. I would also like to thank all of my employees in TAJMAC-ZPS, thanks to whom I can be here today,“ was the immediate reaction of the winner.

MANURHIN K'MX 816 CLEVER was awarded in the Gold Medal competition of MSV 2015

Sliding headstock automatic lathe MANURHIN K'MX 816 CLEVER was awarded in the Gold Medal competition of the International Engineering Fair 2015. The gold medal was awarded in category: Gold Medal for technology and engineering of conventional and non-conventional machining, moulding and rapid prototyping methods.

Zlatá medaile MSV2015
Manurhin K'MX 816 CLEVER - zlatá medaile MSV 2015
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