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Quality policy

The joint-stock company TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. with its registered office at Zlín, Malenovice is the biggest producer of machine tools in the Czech republic and ranks among the greatest production plants in the country.
It is one of the key suppliers of machining tools in the whole industry. It is also a supplier of a series of injection presses for Italian company NEGRI-BOSSI.
TAJAMC-ZPS, a.s. wants to be a modern organization with a solid position for in the domestic and foreign markets. It implements and maintains the system of quality management and all the time improves its effectiveness within the whole of company. By conscientious application of the principles of quality management by all the employees, the management expects various forms of benefit (increased effectiveness of management, improved employees performance, lowered complaint - related costs, customer s satisfaction, stable position in the market, increased turnover, employees satisfaction).

In relation to this, the following principles have been stipulated in the area of quality management:

  • Fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers including the parties involved (suppliers, employees, owners) for achieving their satisfaction and obtaining competitive advantages
  • Constant improvement of the effectiveness of processes of quality management system
  • Decreasing the negative influences resulting form the activity of the company on the environment
  • Traceability and fulfilment of legal requirements, regulations concerning the products, processes and activities including the requirements approved of by customers

The management of the company is fully identified with the applicable provisions of EN ISO 9001:2009 standard. The policy is being asserted in their decision-making and they are a model for other employees of the company. They undertake to meet the requirements of the quality management system and they are aware of the necessity of support for ensuring the activities of QMS processes, their measurement, monitoring and analyses to reach planned results and to constantly improve.
They accentuate enhancing the competences, motivation and awareness of their employees. They care about time identification and optimal ensuring the necessary sources (employees, information, infrastructure, device and financial means). They regularly verify the function of the quality system, its condition and results of improving.