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We are manufacturing vertical machining centres in the Zlín city company TAJMAC-ZPS for 25 years

It has been 25 years since the vertical machining centres development and production started in the city of Zlín. Although the company name has changed in the course of the final decade of the last century, the vertical machining centres from ZPS and subsequently from TAJMAC-ZPS always found their way to the customers. The very beginnings fall into the nineties when alternative options and markets were sought to replace the existing production of machines — then-favoured horizontal centres MCFH 40 and FQH 50A.

The TAJMAC-ZPS Open Day was held on Saturday, 6th June 2018

Cheerful whoop, sun-bathed faces of hundreds of visitors and little toddlers running all around the place, this was an unusual image of the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. area on Saturday morning on June 16th, 2018, during the Open Day event.
Two thousand visitors took the opportunity to look inside of our manufacturing premises. Adults had the opportunity to show their children, grandchildren or other relatives the environment of their work and explain what it means to be a milling-machine operator, lathe operator, CNC machines programmer or demonstrate the heat and darkness present during casting in the foundry. A rich programme was prepared in all three halls, for example plastic products manufacturing or painting on a machine. Everyone could explore all production departments in detail and meet the engineering industry. Also, the Secondary Polytechnic School – Cop Zlín took the opportunity to introduce the apprentice and GCE form of study of this perspective branch.

DOD 2018 (img_1911)
DOD 2018 (img_1919)
DOD 2018 (img_2034)
DOD 2018 (img_5037)

The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days 2018

This year´s TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days, held on 26 and 27 April 2018, again confirmed the title machining-oriented fair thanks to its quantity and extent. The number of guests electronically registered within the week of the event predicted that the attendance will exceed the record-breaking last year. The number of companies interested in attendance on this year’s Customer days as co-exhibitors again exceeded our capacities and we had to issue a stop-state for applications.

ZD2018 (img_1617)
ZD2018 (img_1647)
ZD2018 (img_1771)
ZD2018 (img_1829)

GALAXY-TAJMAC manufactured and assembled its historically first machine of the TAJMAC-ZPS production programme outside Czech Republic

TAJMAC-GALAXY první stroj (2)

Our subsidiary in India, the GALAXY-TAJMAC, has been officially registered by the Indian authorities on October 13th 2016 with an objective to produce the Manurin automatic lathes in India and for India in accordance with the “Make in India” initiative, launched by Prime Minister Modi of the Indian Government. At the IMTEX exhibition in Bangalore held in January 2017, we have introduced not only the Manurhin K´MX 41 machine but also our subsidiary GALAXY-TAJMAC MACHINERY PVT LTD which will start producing these machines in India and for the Indian market.

Production Cell 4.0

Výrobní buňka 4.0 (1)

In the INTEMAC company on June 6th 2017, the so called Production Cell 4.0 has been introduced to the professional public. It awoke well-deserved attention as it probably is the Czech Republic’s first real application of the initiative titled in Europe as the Industry 4.0. The concept originated in Germany where it has been officially introduced on the 2013 Hannover trade fair under the name of Industrie 4.0. Simply put, it is a concept of a smart production, i.e.

MANURHIN K'MX 916 Clever awarded with the GRAND PRIX 2017 award

The sliding headstock automatic lathe MANURHIN K´MX 916 CLEVER, an exhibit on the FOR INDUSTRY trade fair, Prague 2017 has been awarded with the GRAND PRIX award.

GRAND PRIX 2017 pro MANURHIN K'MX 916 Clever

The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days 2017

The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days, held on 27 and 28 April 2017, can be titled as a machining-oriented fair in every respect. The number of electronically registered guests days before the event predicted that the attendance will exceed the record-breaking last year. The number of companies interested in attendance on this year’s Customer days as co-exhibitors exceeded our capacities and we were not able to satisfy all applicants.

Zákaznické dny 2017 (img1206)
Zákaznické dny 2017 (img1324)
Zákaznické dny 2017 (img1327)
 	Zákaznické dny 2017 (img1201)

TAJMAC-ZPS a.s has established a joint venture for machine tools production in India


In the last years, the infrastructure, energetics and industry foundations in India have grown at a rocket pace. India is a worldwide respected power in internet technologies. Indian companies are becoming owners of significant world companies, India has a space satellite program and India has a Formula One team. India has a qualified manpower and a large industrial market.

The TAJMAC-ZPS a.s. Zlín company has been, in its contemporary history, active in India for more than ten years and during this time it has already delivered several dozen CNC machine tools to Indian private or state companies. Due to our limited manufacturing capacity we are not able to fully respond to the increasing demands of the rapidly expanding Indian market (1.3 billion inhabitants). This is why our company decided to establish our own enterprise in India and, after more than two years of effort, we have found a suitable partner, sufficiently experienced, technically competent and with an existing trade network with who we have established joint venture for production of the MANURHIN CNC automatic lathes. The enterprise name is the GALAXY MACHINERY PVT. LTD. with the main office in Bangalore and a manufacturing plant in Belgaum. After preparatory negotiations the Memorandum of Intent has been signed on 7th July 2016 by Mr. Michele Taiariol (TAJMAC-ZPS) and Mr. Subramanian Elango (GALAXY MACHINERY) in Belgaum, India.

MSV 2016 Gold medal for the MCG 1000 5XT multifunctional gantry-type machining centre

MSV Brno 2016 - Zlatá medaile pro MCG 1000 5XT

On this year´s 58th International Engineering Fair in Brno, the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. has been awarded with one of the six gold medals for the best exhibited item. The medal was awarded by the contest´s promoters, the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and Brno University of Technology (BUT) during the Fair gala opening on Monday (3rd October 2016). The medal was won by the MCG 1000 5XT multifunctional gantry-type machining centre in the “Gold Medal for production machine innovation“ category.

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