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TAJMAC-ZPS company Customer Days 2014

Zákaznické dny 2014 (9487)

This year's Customer Days of the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. held at 24th and 25th April, attended 58 companies with more than 115 representatives as co-exhibitors. Again after a year, the visitors had the opportunity to tour the company´s manufacturing premises, view most of the machines of our production programme and view the casting process in the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA (foundry) plant with a commentated tour. As each year, exhibits were introduced by the CNC division, AUTOMATY division, MANURHIN division and the NEGRI BOSSI project. A large number of guests were interested in the company premises tour extended by the tour through the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA company. This number is growing every year. The number of registered visitors of the Customer Days amounted to around 650. This is a record attendance since the first Customer Days were held.

TAJMAC-ZPS has received a jury prize by The Czech Head

Česká hlava - foto5

The company Czech Head together with the Government of the Czech Republic annually present The Czech Head Awards. These awards are considered to be the most prestigious awards any Czech scientist, inventor and other experts can achieve. In 2013 eight awards have been presented. TAJMAC-ZPS was awarded a jury prize for achieving a high level of innovation in design process of the multi-spindle automatic lathe TMZ642CNC, the machine with the best technical parameters. 46 machines sold for more than 25 million EUR show and confirm the uniqueness of this particular technical solution.

CTU CartTech team from the Czech Technical University in Prague has expressed thanks to the company TAJMAC-ZPS

ČVUT - poděkování

Our company TAJMAC-ZPS has received acknowledgements for its support of the student project CTU Cartech in 2013. Thanks to our support a fifth successful monopost has been constructed which has overshadowed all of its successful predecessors. The CTU CarTech team from CTU Prague ranked 17th among 503 international teams. Special thanks go to the technical director Mr. Zbozinek, the production director Mr. Rajtar as well as to our technical and production departments for their active cooperation with the CTU CarTech team.

New five-axis horizontal machining center H 800

H 800 FIVE AXESCompany TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. will present at the trade fair MSV Brno 2013 new five-axis horizontal machining center (H) 800.

Construction of the entire machine is characterized by high rigidity and damping of vibration absorption to occur when machining. The symmetrical structure of the skeleton along with electronic compensation of thermal dilation leads to high precision machines even when ambient temperature fluctuations. The machine building elements are applied, such as the ability to hibernate the machine, which leads to energy savings.

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