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Multipurpose Machining Centres

MCG 1000 5XT MCG 1000 5XT
The MCG 1000 5XT machine is a multifunctional machining centre of upper gantry-type designed for complex machining of spatially complicated and technologically demanding workpieces as well as of combined shapes, both within five-axis milling operations and full-featured turning operations. The centre enables milling in five axes, namely in three mutually perpendicular coordinate axes X, Y, Z, in the rotary C-axis – a rotary tilting table with built-in torque motor enabling turning operations, and in the tilting B-axis - a rotary tilting table with built-in torque motors.
MCV 2318 MCV 2318
Gantry-type machining center MCV 2318 is a representative of a series of multipurpose machining centres from the production of TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. Zlín, which is by its parameters predetermined not only for machining spatial and shape complex parts in the areas of classical engineering but also in automotive and plastics industry.
Thanks to the possibility of machining in six axes with simultaneous possibility of facing also in demanding areas of engineering and aviation.
TM1250 TURNMILL 1250, 2000
TURNMILL 1250 and 2000 present original solution of new generation of multi-purpose machining centres. Upper gantry-type turning and milling machining centre in a basic model is provided with four controlled axes. Rotary milling head with tilting movement in the B-axis is increasing the number of controlled axes to 5.
Are aimed at complex machining of large, shape and technologically demanding, difficult to machine and heavy weight parts and from very varied materials which require combination of technological operations from the area of output milling and facing, or grinding.