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Customer days April 14 – 15, 2011

TAJMAC-ZPS Customer days took place on April 14 – 15, 2011. The increased interest in the presentation during this event was again also on the side of our suppliers and partners. 46 companies with more than 96 representatives presented themselves by a direct presentation. Yearly intention is to present a maximum number of representatives of our company´s wide production programme to expert public. This year the visitors had the opportunity to see 27 presented exhibits which presented the wide range of our company. The machines presented CNC division, AUTOMATS division and MANURHIN project. As is tradition, the possibility of visiting TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. and ZPS-SLÉVÁRNA (FOUNDRY), a.s. was offered and many times used. The number of visitors confirming the gradual enlivening of the market was very positive. This year´s Customer days were visited by more than 500 guests from more than 190 companies, university students, for example, were also visitors.

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Customer days are traditionally attractive for a wide range of customers and suppliers both prospective and existing. Every year it is an opportunity for informal meetings of experts and expert public, for exchanging precious knowledge from practice with the possibility to acquaint visitors in the real environment and real operation with our production programme, latest news and the possibilities of full use of potential of our machines. This year´s Customer days were marked by several significant events. Division CNC introduced 1000th machine MCFV 1060 of vertical machining centre series, produced by TAJMAC-ZPS and new development series of vertical, horizontal and multipurpose machines were introduced. MORI-SAY TMZ625CNC multi-spindle lathe automat produced by Automats division had its world premiere there. Project MANURHIN had two world premieres there, sliding headstock CNC automat MANURHIN K´MX 532 TREND and MANURHIN K´MX 632 DUO.

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With the support of our suppliers not only when preparing demonstrative technologies but the total concept was to show what will address our visitors and will contribute to presentation of our company as a quality, reliable partner in securing complex needs of our customers. At the same time it will show also broadening the possibilities of utilization and quality of our machines. The actual technical adjustment of machines has been presented from usable areas, e.g. use of machines for production of implants and tools for bone surgery, use of machines in energy industry, interpolation lathing.

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TAJMAC – ZPS Customer days 2011 were successful. It is a pleasant obliging tradition, numerous business, professional and friendly encounters with the people in the field bringing mutual benefits. It is the satisfaction and interest of our visitors that is our main goal and this has been achieved.

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