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OPEN HOUSE 18. – 19. 4. 2013

This year’s TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. Open House was held on 18th and 19th of April 2013, in the year of 110th anniversary of Zlín’s engineering. The number of co-exhibiting companies reached 50 with 110 representatives. The visitors had an opportunity to see most of the machines from the production program of the machining centres division, automatic lathes division, MANURHIN division and the NEGRI BOSSI project. Also the traditional and appreciated tour of the factory and its foundry plant ZPS – SLEVARNA took place.

The attendance of this year’s Open House was the highest so far throughout the years of holding the event, with over 650 visitors. We especially appreciate this considering that more events of this kind took place at engineering companies in previous weeks. The focus of the Open House gets more and more attractive for a wider range of customers and suppliers, existing as well as potential. Every year the experts from companies meet with professionals from the public sector and bring a worthwhile exchange of practical experience together with an opportunity to present the production program and latest innovations to the visitors.

Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7155
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7177
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7148
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7096

The exposition of the machining centres division focused on demonstrations of 5-axis machining and new technological possibilities. The automatic lathes division introduced 4 MORI-SAY machines, most of them adjusted for production of a specific component for corresponding customer. The MANURHIN division introduced a Czech novelty, the MANURHIN K’MX 732 EVO machine, among other 8 exhibits.

Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7198
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7339
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7346
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7082

The introduction of machines from the machining centres division was focused on demonstrations of 5-axis machining on all 4 of the currently supported machine kinematics, with the option availability of turning technology on gantry machining centres MCV 1210 and MCV 2318. Technologically interesting examples were the use of ultra-high speed spindle demonstrating a large depth of cut in a single pass and on the vertical machining center MCFV 2080 the automatic pickup/drop-off of an angle head from a table mounted docking station. The visitors could also see a high-speed tool manipulator prototype intended for innovative series of the horizontal machining centres H 500, H 630, H 800 and H 1000.

Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9805
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9811
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9864
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9855

Injection presses NEGRI BOSSI produced in TAJMAC-ZPS could be seen, along with an attractive variety of products, on the Hall III premises. As the accompanying program, the visitors could take part in skill competitions and an autograph session of the PSG Zlín ice hockey team – the finalists of this year’s Tipsport League play-off and the team’s junior players.

Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9905
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7420
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7421
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9785

We would like to thank the T-mobile company and the editorial board of the MM průmyslové spektrum magazine, for provision of valuable gifts for visitors who entered the questionnaire draw. We would also like to compliment the EUREST company for preparing a highly professional banquet, which was evaluated positively by all attendees.

Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7289
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 7106
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9723
Zákaznické dny 2013 - 9729

According to immediate reactions as well as retrospective evaluations from our guest and co-exhibitors, this year’s TAJMAC-ZPS Open House has been so far the most successful, not only in the TAJMAC-ZPS history but also in comparison with similar events held by other companies. We are pleased to have lived up to expectations of an informal meeting with our existing and potential customers, as their contentment is the best indicator of the TAJMAC-ZPS Open House success.