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TAJMAC-ZPS Zlín introduces a new model of the MANURHIN sliding headstock automatic lathe K'MX 916

On the last year's International Engineering Fair in Brno, the TAJMAC-ZPS Zlín company has introduced its new sliding headstock automatic lathe K´MX 816 CLEVER, awarded with the MSV Brno 2015 gold medal. The machine featured eight linearly controlled axes plus two rotary C-axes on both spindles. This year on MSV Brno 2016 the company will.


Instead of the bottom tool plate, the machine is fitted with a 12 position tool head. Six positions are powered tools. Apart from the increased number of tools and better chip removal from the bottom slide, the X and Y axes of the tool head are, when compared with the plate, expanded by the Z-axis. This design not only enables machining with four tools but also simultaneous turning of two different contours with two different tools in the main spindle. For example, it is now possible to simultaneously conduct diameter turning with one tool, recess turning with a second tool, face drilling and simultaneously conduct turning, drilling or milling from the rear face on the second spindle. This will again bring higher productivity to the user, thus again higher competitiveness on the market, potentially higher profit margin from machined components thanks to reduction of cycle time in the workpiece machining batch.

The MANURHIN K´MX 916 will be produced in two configurations; for bars with diameter up to 16 mm and for bars with diameter up to 20 mm. Both spindles will have power output of 3.7/5.5 kW and will allow speed up to 12.000 rpm. High number of fixed and powered tools and their variability, four tools simultaneously in cut, production and assembly in Zlín thus unrivalled availability of spare parts, factory service by engineers who assemble the machine and technological support by five engineers of the Application department who are dedicated only to customers owning these machines, all this is a great opportunity for Czech and Slovakia companies being in rotary parts production business to be one step ahead of the competition. In times in which the delivery times are noticeably reduced and emphasis is put on the supplier's flexibility, and in times in which there is a shortage of qualified engineers on the market, the only certainty worth betting on is the guaranty of immediate service and technological support. And if this is combined with a highly productive and quickly convertible machine such as the MANURHIN K´MX 916, then it is obvious that you cannot lose with such an investment.

The new sliding headstock automatic lathe complements the successful series of the MANURHIN machines with a new model, so far the most productive of those designed by the MANURHIN design department in Zlín.