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The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days 2018

This year´s TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days, held on 26 and 27 April 2018, again confirmed the title machining-oriented fair thanks to its quantity and extent. The number of guests electronically registered within the week of the event predicted that the attendance will exceed the record-breaking last year. The number of companies interested in attendance on this year’s Customer days as co-exhibitors again exceeded our capacities and we had to issue a stop-state for applications.

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The number of this year’s Customer Days visitors exceeded 750 persons. Furthermore, this number was increased by a daily presence of 175 co-exhibitors from 73 companies, selected for the co-exhibition purposes. Mostly they were represented directly by executives of these companies and only four of them were from the accompanying programme firms. Many visitors appreciated the opportunity to informally talk with technical experts, and the chance to exchange valuable knowledge from praxis, while the TAJMAC-ZPS workers welcomed the opportunity to show the visitors our production programme and the latest novelties on our own premises and in real operation. Both days of the event were streamed online on the www.tajmac-zps.cz web.

The CNC division, AUTOMATY division, MANURHIN division and also the NEGRI BOSSI project presented their exhibits. Every division prepared their machines with interesting technological configurations introducing novelties or innovative possibilities which expand the capabilities of our machines. The numerous stands of our co-exhibitors were also expanded with newly exhibited technics. The technological configuration of machines of our production program attracted a large measure of interest. The accompanying programme was attractive as well. Furthermore, the visitors used the opportunity to attend the favoured guided tour through the company's manufacturing premises as well as an excursion through the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA (foundry) plant.

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A presentation of the TAJMAC-ZPS and the Industry 4.0, presented by the TAJMAC-ZPS a.s. technical director MSc. Martin Machálka, was also an interesting addition to the program. MSc. Pavel Bortlík, executive of the ACAM Solution company from Brno, presented their patented software and hardware solutions for automatization and data collection not only in the automotive industry. This presentation, intended for companies with serial and mass production, earned equal interest.

The main attraction of the CNC division was the introduction of the innovated range of MCFV machines, represented by the MCFV 1260i machine. The MCG 1000 5XT multipurpose machine, presenting 3-axial turning operations and the revolutionary BLUM probe with analogue signal evaluation could not be absent among the exhibited items. Also, the MCV 2318 was present, demonstration a workpiece scanning cycle using the Renishaw workpiece probe directly on the machine. Other demonstrations were aimed on the possibility of machining process productivity increase achieved by a convenient combination of newest cutting tools and modern machining technology, directed on the maximal utilization of the given machine. The CNC division also demonstrated all presently offered versions of multi-axial machines kinematics.

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The MANURHIN division (sliding headstock machines) was, for the first time in history, able to present its whole production range except for its simplest K´MX 432 machine. All other eight models of the sliding headstock machines with six to twelve controlled axes and machining with two to four tools simultaneously, were presented to the visitors. On these machines we were presenting a new option for breaking of rigid chips by turning (SLT) and turning of eccentric parts (TMO). For those interested, who were not able to attend the Customer Days, we have prepared a video of these technologies shot directly in the machine work area.

The AUTOMATY division (Multispindle Automatic Lathes) prepared on their assembly area machines of two conceptions – cam machines and numerically controlled machines, both in six and eight-spindle versions. Some of them were in semi-finished state thus we were able to show its basic mechanical assemblies. Others were being set-up for planned acceptance with the presence of the customer. Also, two five-axial machines of MORI-SAY TMZ518CNC – Penta type, equipped with three and four meters long tool changer, were exhibited. In further reference to constantly proceeding modernization, all exhibited machines fulfil the requirements for application within the Industry 4.0 scope.

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The accompanying programme with the favoured co-exhibitors competition for attractive prizes and prizes donated by eight co-exhibitors was enriched by exhibition of the TATRA BUGGYRA racing special, presented by Mr.Martin Kolomý, furthermore by exhibition of the ŠKODA FABIA R5 a S2000 racing specials with attendance of Mr.Roman Kresta and last but not least by exhibition of the Calidus autogyro, lend by the FLYWAY firm, which was linked with demonstrations of 3D print. All these attractive expositions contributed to the excessively successful course of this year’s Customer Days. All visitors also had the opportunity to admire short hall aerobatics performed with the Extra 330sc airplane model controlled by Adam Hrbáček, the 2017 European champion in large acrobatic models of F3M-Basic category.

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We are thankful for all complimentary reviews of the event expressed both by the visitors and co-exhibitors. Our thanks also belong to all guests, visitors and exhibitors as well as to all TAJMAC-ZPS workers participating in this event. Furthermore, it is necessary to thank the EUREST company which traditionally contributed to the pleasant mood of the 2018 Customer Days by providing a delicious banquet.