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TAJMAC-ZPS company Customer Days 2014

This year's Customer Days of the TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. held at 24th and 25th April, attended 58 companies with more than 115 representatives as co-exhibitors. Again after a year, the visitors had the opportunity to tour the company´s manufacturing premises, view most of the machines of our production programme and view the casting process in the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA (foundry) plant with a commentated tour. As each year, exhibits were introduced by the CNC division, AUTOMATY division, MANURHIN division and the NEGRI BOSSI project. A large number of guests were interested in the company premises tour extended by the tour through the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA company. This number is growing every year. The number of registered visitors of the Customer Days amounted to around 650. This is a record attendance since the first Customer Days were held.

Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9698)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9507)
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The above confirms that the conception of the Customer Days is attractive for the growing scope of customers and suppliers, both potential and present. The visitors appreciated the opportunity to informally meet the company management and other technical experts, and the chance to exchange valuable knowledge from praxis. The organizer welcomed the opportunity to show the visitors the production programme and the latest novelties on his own premises and in real operation. This year´s goal was to introduce new design solutions, the extended technological possibilities in cooperation with our suppliers, the maximal utilization of our machines and present our company as a customer-oriented firm and fulfil the primary intention given by this two-day event's name, the Customer Days.

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The main novelty among the displayed items of the CNC division was the prototype of the multifunctional gantry-type machining centre MCV 7032, in many ways a unique machine which was introduced to the professional public for the first time. When designing this machine, the mechatronic calculating procedures and ecodesign elements were utilised. It is the largest machine produced in our company having travel ranges of 7000 mm in the X-axis, 3200 mm in the Y-axis and 1500 mm in the Z-axis. As an optional equipment, the X-axis travel can be increased by steps of 1000 mm up to 28000 mm. The machine is the first of the INFINITY models production line. This will be a highly modular line and will offer three to six axial versions of gantry-type centres in many dimensions.

Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9630)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9643)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9621)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9625)

A prototype of a quick tool manipulator (1.3 sec tool-to-tool change time), intended for the horizontal machining centres H 500, H 630, H 800 and H 1000 series, was available for seeing.

Interesting demonstrations of machining took place on the MCV 1210 gantry-type machine – an example of turning possibility - machining of an elliptical cone, as well as on the H 800 horizontal machining centre – the five-axial machining.

Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9697)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9823)
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Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9720)

The MANURHIN division introduced a study and parameters of the CNC automatic lathe MANURHIN K´MX 816TWIST for the first time to the professional public. The prototype of this machine will be ready for demonstration at the turn of this year's October and November. The machine will be available in 7, 8 and 9 linear axes versions, with up to 4 tools simultaneously in cut. Machines equipped with a tool plate or turret head types will be available as well.

The AUTOMATY division prepared three items of the MORI-SAY series – six-spindle and eight-spindle CNC automatic turning lathes and one representative of the conventional multispindle automatic machines, the MORI-SAY 620AC machine.

The NEGRI BOSSI project, assembly and production of injection moulding machines, attracted the visitors with a demonstration of production of a practical plastic product.

Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9718)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9751)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9734)
Zákaznické dny 2014 (IMG_9735)

The accompanying programme was extended by the History of Machinery in Zlín exhibition which was kindly lend by the GENICZECH-M company. This exhibition documented the origins and 110 years of progress of engineering professions in the region and across its borders, starting from 1903 to present days and was definitely worth of seeing.

Because TAJMAC-ZPS is an ice hockey fan, the representatives of the local hockey club could not be absent. Visitors could attend the favourite shooting on the goalkeeper's cage joined with the autograph session with the young hockey players of the HC PSG Zlín A team, this year's play-off champions of our highest-level ice hockey league.

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Photos: Břetislav Šťasta a Radim Šťastný

The immediate reactions and subsequent responses of the visitors and co-exhibitors, expressing satisfaction and appreciation, are an encouragement, commitment and a pointer of the correct direction in which our Customer Days should head, thus ensure a satisfied customer.