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Production Cell 4.0

In the INTEMAC company on June 6th 2017, the so called Production Cell 4.0 has been introduced to the professional public. It awoke well-deserved attention as it probably is the Czech Republic’s first real application of the initiative titled in Europe as the Industry 4.0. The concept originated in Germany where it has been officially introduced on the 2013 Hannover trade fair under the name of Industrie 4.0. Simply put, it is a concept of a smart production, i.e. computer-based interconnection of production machines, products, persons and all other systems of an industrial enterprise, thus creating an intelligent network along the whole value chain.

    According to Prof. Mařík, it is composed of the following 6 principles:

  • The ability of systems to communicate with each other
  • Every physical element has its virtual copy
  • Decentralization
  • Work in real time
  • Orientation on services
  • Modularity and reconfiguration

The idea of the Production Cell 4.0 implementation emerged in the INTEMAC who invited partners form engineering-oriented companies. The TAJMAC-ZPS company provided a machine tool, Renishaw firm provided a measuring station, the B + R Automatization company developed an open integrative platform, the COMAU firm lend a robot for demonstration of integrated robotics, the SMC company supplied the clamping elements and thanks to the Sewio Networks company it was possible to monitor movements of persons. Putting into operation was a collective effort of workers from all mentioned partner companies as it was a complex assignment. Workers of all partners spent half a year of work on it.

Present-day, the cell is capable of:

Adaptive (accurate) production
The cell itself automatically improves the accuracy of the production process based on data from the control station by introducing actual corrections of data into machining process.

Uniform communication and control
All instruments in the cell have a uniform interface for various applications in a web browser through which it is possible to manage it. The operator does not need to complicatedly re-programme the machine, but simply clicks on the required operations in a uniform browser.

Stands for a horizontal and vertical open communication of the cell integrative platform. It utilizes the OPC UA standards.

Monitoring movements of persons
The cell utilizes a radio technology of the Sewio Networks company for tracking of persons moving in and around the workzone.

Further functions are prepared and will be used in the next stage:

Predictive diagnostics
The cell is capable of monitoring the technical state of the device based on the data from vibrations and other technological parameters (temperature, electric current, consumption) and detect an imminent malfunction in good time. The malfunction prediction development will be realized in the subsequent stage.

Process diagnostics and planning
The cell monitors the vibrations and other operational data during machining and refines the technological process according to them. Furthermore, it is capable to effectively plan the production capacity thanks to monitoring of the device usage and production process quality.

Monitoring of energy consumption
The cell is also able to refine the energetics of the complete technological process based on the data collected from the power input of the instruments.

Connection of other devices, such as a 3D printer or a conveying system or expansion of the communication with similar cells and superordinate systems with business intelligence elements (smart support for decision-making processes) is also in consideration.

The Industry 4.0 initiative is sometimes called as the 4th industrial revolution. The difference from the previous revolutions is that the industry is not the main initiator from which other branches of human occupation take knowledge, but now the industry itself applies a range of innovations brought by the surrounding digital world. The Cell 4.0 can be an example of a successful application.

For TAJMAC-ZPS it is important that it is moving within the mainstream, gaining a good status in the marketing point of view and above all – gathering a team of specialists who know “how-to” and are bearers of the know-how in this field as the basic prerequisite for competitive ability of our company and its products.
Last but not least we have confirmed that we are capable of cooperation within a scope of a wide international team of specialists from various companies. In my opinion, this is a trend which will predominate in the field of research and development of new products.
The CNC division did a great job. Their representatives, participating in the project, deserve recognition and thanks for a good representation of TAJMAC-ZPS.

Ing. Radomír Zbožínek
Technical Director

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