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New five-axis horizontal machining center H 800

H 800 FIVE AXESCompany TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s. will present at the trade fair MSV Brno 2013 new five-axis horizontal machining center (H) 800.

Construction of the entire machine is characterized by high rigidity and damping of vibration absorption to occur when machining. The symmetrical structure of the skeleton along with electronic compensation of thermal dilation leads to high precision machines even when ambient temperature fluctuations. The machine building elements are applied, such as the ability to hibernate the machine, which leads to energy savings.

The final stop of the linear axes are X 1000 mm (rack) in the Y axis (headstock) 1050 mm and in the Z axis (the clamping area) 1000 mm. Measuring position is a direct by using the optical rulers. The Y axis is equipped with a pneumatic nadlehčováním and as options can be duplicated, drive (2 engines and 2 ball screws).

The Center has a cradle, whose movement in axis and is carried out by a pair of worm gearing with drives in the master-slave mode. C axis is driven by annular engine with maximum speed 42 1/min maximum weight of workpiece is 1000 kg, and the maximum size of the workpiece is Ø800 x 800 mm. Cradle can be equipped with a clamping plate with a diameter of 800 mm or 630x630 mm. Machine range can be equipped with pallet exchanger.

The spindle of the machine may be in with a planetary gearbox with a maximum speed up to 8,000 1/min or frequency electrospindle with maximum speed 18,000 1/min.

The basic tool magazine has a capacity of 56, 76, 96, or tools. The machine can be equipped with a large reservoir with 246 and instruments.

The Center can be equipped with options trading chip, central cooling, cooling the coolant, the measuring probe, remote diagnostics and vibration Diagnostics.

CNC control is available in the variants S840D, Siemens, Heidenhain iTNC530 HSCI SL or Fanuc F31i MB5.

The machine is highly versatile in terms of technological and productive. The application of has for workpieces for aviation, energy, and health sectors. It is suitable for General machining and also for the machining speed and shape.

Ing. Stanislav Gerych, Chief of CNC Design Department