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TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days 2016

The TAJMAC-ZPS Customer Days, held on 21 and 22 April, broke all previous records. The amount of invitation return cards in the last days before the Customer Days anticipated extraordinary interest. Even the supplier's companies interest was increased this year. Almost 70 companies, which in reality meant up to 150 representatives, had the opportunity to present their products or services.

The visitors had the opportunity to attend a commentated tour, visit the company's manufacturing premises as well as tour through the ZPS – SLÉVÁRNA (foundry) plant with a guide. Most of the machines, presented in our production programme, were available for seeing.

ZD2016 (img_0471)
ZD2016 (img_0480)
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ZD2016 (img_0508)

The number of Customer Days visitors exceeded 820 persons from 315 companies! All up-to-date records were exceeded both by the presence of the co-exhibitors and visitors. The visitors appreciated the opportunity to informally meet the company management and other technical experts, and the chance to exchange valuable knowledge from praxis. The organizer welcomed the opportunity to show the visitors the production programme and the latest novelties on his own premises and in real operation.

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As usually, exhibits were introduced by the CNC division, AUTOMATY division, MANURHIN division and the NEGRI BOSSI project.

The CNC division introduced interesting adjustments on twelve machines. Starting from a demonstration of an automated workplace controlled by a Transformer 1250 robot, pneumatic clamping (Systém 3R) on the MCFV 1060 vertical machining centre, presentation of a cooperating robot, three-dimensional localization of parts on the same MCFV 1060 machine, over to a demonstration of material maximal reduction within the operational possibilities of the MCFV 1260 machine, rapid traverse machining and ARTIS machining monitoring on the MCFV 1680 machine, up to modern methods of roughing of stainless steel on the MCFV 2080 machine, machining and optimal setting of the BLISK workpiece using the nc-checker and nc-perfectpart application on the H 800 horizontal machining centre, dural machining by an auxiliary spindle on the MCV 120 machine, Spirogrooving recess machining, to a demonstration of multiaxial turning operations on the MCV 2318 multifunctional centre and much more.

ZD2016 (img_0606)
ZD2016 (img_0616)
ZD2016 (img_0620)
ZD2016 (img_0623)


ZD2016 (img_0631)
ZD2016 (img_0663)
ZD2016 (img_0704)
ZD2016 (img_0710)

The MANURHIN division introduced their most productive turning lathes determined for machining of 3 meters long bars with capability to machine a workpiece with up to four tool at once. A demonstration of the continuously controlled B-axis on the MANURHIN K´MX 816 CLEVER machine was a novelty, as well as the presentation of turning without a guiding bushing with a special lengthened clamper.

ZD2016 (img_0569)
ZD2016 (img_0585)
ZD2016 (img_0609)
ZD2016 (img_0609)

In the AUTOMATY division the visitors could examine mechanically and fully numerically controlled machines which were at various stages of assembly, thus providing an opportunity to see mechanical units and wholes which are normally under covers.

The NEGRI BOSSI project, assembly and production of injection moulding machines, attracted the visitors with a demonstration of production of a practical plastic product.

ZD2016 (img_0610)
ZD2016 (img_0571)
ZD2016 (img_0572)
ZD2016 (img_0577)


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The accompanying programme impressed not only the visitor but several employees as well. An answer sheet competition offered attractive prizes donated by some of the co-exhibiting companies. Thanks to the repeated attendance of the racer Antonín Tlusťák and his exhibited special racing cars, the two ŠKODA FABIA R5, the special racing circuit car CATERHAM SP/300R and the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX, the quality of the Customer Days has rose even more. Each day, five lucky visitors were able to enjoy the demonstration rides in the above mentioned racing specials, driven by Mr. Antonín Tlusťák himself. These rides were donated by the TAJMAC-ZPS company. Another significant enrichment was the exhibited car AUDI RS 5 DTM, kindly arranged by the Schaeffler company. This exclusive company was complemented by a racing model of the FS.06 Formule Student of the SAE ČVUT Prague team which also was in the centre of attention of many visitors. With these attractive exhibitions, all the co-exhibitors contributed to exceedingly successful course of this year's Customer Days.

ZD2016 (img_0593)
ZD2016 (img_0567)
ZD2016 (img_0678)
ZD2016 (img_0685)

We are thankful for all the complimentary reviews of the event provided both by the visitors and co-exhibitors. Our thanks also belong to all guests, visitors and exhibitors.