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1966 Gold medal at 8th MSV Brno for RPN 63 revolver lathe
1967 Gold medal at 9th MSV Brno for FKN 100 copy milling machine
1972 Gold medal at 14th MSV Brno for FQH 50 machining centre
1974 Gold medal at 16th MSV Brno for SPR 100 NC revolver lathe
1981 Gold medal at 23th MSV Brno for SPS 25 NC-1 lathe semi-automat
1982 Gold medal at 24th MSV Brno for MCFH 32 machining centre
1986 Gold medal at 28th MSV Brno pro SPS 2/25 NC with M 10P robot
1987 Gold medal at 29th MSV Brno for robotized technological complex AUCOR 16, assembled in cooperation with TOS Čelákovice, ZPS Zlín, TOS Rakovník and VUNAR Nové Zámky. The main machine of this technological complex was SPS 2/25 NC with IPR 8 robot.
1988 Gold medal at 30th MSV Brno for machining centre MCFH 40 A – ZLIN-MILL 40
1990 Gold medal at 32nd MSV Brno for SAY 6/40 A lathe automat
1992 Gold medal at 34th MSV Brno for MCFV 100 machining centre
1994 Gold medal at 36th MSV Brno for MCFV 100 S vertical machining centre
1995 Gold medal at 37th MSV Brno for VMC 560 machining centre
1996 Gold medal at 38th MSV Brno for SAY 8/32 eight-spindle lathe automat
1998 Gold medal at 40th MSV Brno for VMC 2080 vertical machining centre
2002 Gold medal at IMT Brno 2002 fair for TURNMILL 1250 multipurpose multi-axes machining centre
2005 Gold medal at 47th MSV Brno in the category “Machining, forming and surface finish” for MCV 1210 vertical centre
2006 Gold medal at 48th MSV Brno for MORI-SAY TMZ642CNC six-spindle lathe automat
2008 Gold medal at IMT Brno 2008 fair for sliding headstock CNC automat MANURHIN K´MX 432
2009 1st place, main prize for technologies at FOR INDUSTRY trade fair in Prague - H40A Trend machine
2010 Gold medal at IMT Brno 2010 fair for gentry machining centre MCV 1800MULTI
2011 GRAND PRIX award of FOR INDUSTRY trade fair in Prague for MANURHIN K'MX 532 TREND
2012 Honorable Mention in category "best innovative exhibit – commercial product" at 54th MSV Brno for gantry type multipurpose machining center MCV 2318
2013 Jury prize by the Czech Head for achieving a high level of innovation in design process of the multi-spindle automatic lathe MORI-SAY TMZ642CNC
2015 Gold medal at 57th MSV Brno for sliding headstock CNC automat MANURHIN K´MX 816 CLEVER
2016 Gold medal at 58th IMT/MSV Brno for the MCG 1000 5XT multifunctional gantry-type machining centre in the “Gold Medal for production machine innovation“ category