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Multispindle Automatic Lathe MORI-SAY TMZ642CNC


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The innovative technical solution developed by our engineers and protected by provisions of law, allows to independently control the speed of each spindle and to calibrate the power of each AC spindle motor in accordance with the requirements of the specific machining operations performed by each customer. At the same time, the absolute independence of each spindle makes it possible to perform any type of machining, including machining operations requiring spindle stopping or C-axis spindle orienting, thus making of the TMZ a real and complete turning and milling centre. In order to make the programming easier, ZPS’ own technological software TMis has been created.

Technical parameters
number of spindles 6
max. diameter of bar 42 mm
max.internal diameter clamping pipe 53 mm
max. length of feeding 180 mm
revolutions of spindles 5 000 rpm
nominal output of spindle engine 7 kW
nominal torque of spindle 66,8 Nm
dead time 0,7 s
number of longitudinal saddles 6
number of cross saddles 5