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Gantry-type Machining Centre MCV 1210

MCV1210 FA

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MCV 1210 is a highly productive machine with a wide range of utilization when machining complicated spatial shapes in three or five axes. Because of the high dynamics, very high inflexibility and damping properties of the construction, the machine enables the use of HSC technology.
The machines of upper gantry type have spindle placed in motor spindle unit built-in the ram. All the movements of the machine are done by means of linear guide ways with rolling elements. Measuring of position in X, Y, Z axes is done directly by absolute measuring units.
This machining centre obtained Gold medal in the category Machining, forming and surface finish at MSV 2005 Brno.

X-axis (cross saddle) 1 000 mm
Y-axis (binder) 800 mm
Z-axis (ram) 600 mm
parameter of working table 1 200 x 1 000 mm
maximum load 3 000 kg
type electro spindle
maximum revolutions 15 000 rpm 18 000 rpm* 18 000 rpm* 14 000 rpm*
maximum output 31 kW 32 kW 31 kW 37 kW
maximum torque 197 Nm 90 Nm 197 Nm 236 Nm
clamping cone ISO 40 HSK-A63 HSK-A63 HSK-A100
Operation system

* Selective equipment