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Multifunctional Machining Centre MCG 1000 5XT

MCG 1000 5XT

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The MCG 1000 5XT machine is a multifunctional machining centre of upper gantry-type designed for complex machining of spatially complicated and technologically demanding workpieces as well as of combined shapes, both within five-axis milling operations and full-featured turning operations. The centre enables milling in five axes, namely in three mutually perpendicular coordinate axes X, Y, Z, in the rotary C-axis – a rotary tilting table with built-in torque motor enabling turning operations, and in the tilting B-axis - a rotary tilting table with built-in torque motors.
It is a highly productive machine characterized by high dynamic and thermal stability and high accuracy of machining. Every working axis is travelling along linear guide-ways. A direct measuring system in all axes is a part of the basic configuration.

X-axis 1 200 mm
Y-axis 1 000 mm
Z-axis 700 mm
B-axis - 120 / + 30 º
C-axis 360 º
clamping taper ISO 40 HSK-A63 HSK-A100 HSK-T100
maximal speed 15 000 rpm 18 000 rpm 14 000 rpm 12 000 rpm
maximal output 31 kW 31 kW 37 kW 30 kW
maximal torque 197 Nm 197 Nm 236 Nm 143 Nm
Tool changer
no. of pockets in changer HSK63/HSK100 50 / 30 pcs
tool change time 2.0 s
Control system
options Sinumerik 840D SL, Heidenhain TNC 640, FANUC