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Vertical Machining Centre MCFV 1260

MCFV1260 skelet+osy

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The MCFV 1260 vertical machining centre is a highly productive machine for the complex chip machining in the X, Y, Z axes. The machine functions are controlled by the CNC control system which also enables the machining of the spatially complicated shapes when the tool follows the path resulting from the 3D CAD program output. The machine spindle which is mounted in the spindle unit embedded in the spindle head, moves in the vertical direction (Z-axis) along the guide ways on the column. The work table, whose upper surface serves for the workpiece clamping, moves in the longitudinal direction (X-axis) along the guide ways on the cross saddle. The cross saddle moves along the guide ways on the base in the cross direction (Y-axis). The machine is equipped with the electronic compensation of thermal dilatations.

Travels and working table MCFV 1260 MCFV 1260 with automatic exchanger of pallets
X- axis (table) 1 270 mm
Y-axis (cross saddle) 610 mm
Z-axis (headstock) 760 mm
table parameter/pallets 1 450 x 590 mm 1 250 x 590 mm
table load/pallets 1 350 kg 900 kg
clamping cone ISO 40 (HSK 80) ISO 50 ISO 40 ISO 50 ISO 40 HSK-A 63
maximum revolutions (rpm) 10 000 8 000 12 000 8 000 15 000 18 000
maximum output (kW) 20/28 20/30 17/25 17/25 25/31 25/31
torque (Nm) 244/342 306/458 96/141 143/210 159/197 159/197
type of gear planet gear* belt electro spindle*
Operation system

* Selective equipment

For further information click on the figure:

Vřeteno modulu STANDARD
Elektrovřetenomo modelu CONTOUR
Zadní strana stroje

Machining centre with automatic exchanger of pallets MCFV 1260P:

MCFV 1260P (stroj)
MCFV1260P paleta

Examples of selective models of MCFV1260 machine:

Volitelné vybavení - sonda
Volitelné vybavení - rotační stěrač
Otočný stůl 4. a 5. osa - drážka

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