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Horizontal Machining Centre H 630

H 630

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The H 630 is a horizontal milling centre equipped with pallet changer with two pallets and with tool magazine with automatic tool changing. The machine is determined to a productive complex machining of moulds, dies and components of flat or box shapes from steel, grey cast iron and soft metal alloys clamped on the operating pallet. It enables to perform the milling operations in three mutually perpendicular coordinate axes (X, Y, Z). The rotary table (B-axis) enables the machining from more sides.
The functions of machine are operated by CNC operation system which enables machining of spatially complicated shapes when the tool follows the path created as an output from 3D CAD programme.

Travels and working table
X, Y, Z axis 750 x 700 x 770 mm
B-axis – table positioning 360º
parameter of pallets 630 x 630 mm
load of pallets 800 kg
type of gear planet gear electro spindle
clamping cone ISO 50 HSK-A63 HSK-A100
maximum revolutions 8 000 rpm 18 000 rpm* 14 000 rpm*
maximum output 30 kW 31 kW 37 kW
maximum torque 458 Nm 197 Nm 236 Nm

* Selective equipment