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Horizontal Machining Centre H 500

H 500

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The horizontal machining centre in the H 500 version is a highly productive machine for the complex chip machining of parts from the steel, grey cast iron and soft metal alloys clamped on the rotary table. It enables to perform the milling operations in three mutually perpendicular X, Y, Z coordinate axes and in the rotary B axis. It also enables to perform drilling, boring, reaming and thread cutting operations as well as the usage of the screw die heads without aligning bush in the Z axis.

Travels and working table
X-axis (stand) 560 mm
Y-axis (headstock) 560 mm
Z-axis (table) 560 mm
parameter of pallets 500 x 500 mm
load of pallets 300 kg
type of gear belt electro spindle
clamping cone ISO 40 ISO 40 HSK-A63
maximum revolutions 10 000 rpm 15 000 rpm* 18 000 rpm*
maximum output permanent 30 kW 31 kW 31 kW
maximum torque 115 Nm 197 Nm 197 Nm

* Selective equipment